Wednesday, November 09, 2005


The Lost BirthRIGHT of the American Indian - nay.. of ALL!

"Of all the virtues presumed by fancy or theory to be inherent in the Indian way of life, only one, but that the greatest, was apparent to the white borderer. For him this one glistened with an irresistible appeal. It was the priceless boon for which all men of all times have yearned the most profoundly. Whatever his other circumstances, the Indian enjoyed total freedom as an individual. However cruelly buffeted otherwise by fortune, he lived out his life wholly untroubled by the restraints and dictates that make the individual the creature of government and commerce in every more developed society. Having become familiar with the edge of the wilderness, the [white/euro] borderer plunged into it in pursuit of an equal freedom for himself."

-- Disinherited, by Dale Van Every (1966), Ch. 1, The Lost Birthright of the American Indian, p. 8

When one listens to John Trudell's talk on 'What happened to the tribes of Europe', the reasons for the paucity of freedom in the lives of the Europeans becomes evident.

Down with bosses! No more bosses! Bosses are not natural. They are an aberration and an abomination. We CAN live well, better, without them.


Anarchy and anarchism mean, not chaos but rather 'system and management without ruler(s), i.e. co-operation without repression, tyranny and slavery'.

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